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Mediation is a method of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that is facilitated negotiation by a neutral third party.  In Georgia, Mediation and other ADR procedures can be initiated by those involved in the dispute, but it is increasingly ordered by the Courts before a case may proceed to trial.  Mediation is prompt, inexpensive, and simple process that allows the parties involved in a dispute to craft a resolution rather than having a matter decided by a judge or jury in a formal trial setting.

GMKE offers Mediation Services

Three of the partners at GMKE and one associate are Mediators registered with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution.  Partners Paul Groth, Joseph Kaiser and Jay Eidex are available to assist in resolving your dispute.  The attorneys at GMKE bring years of experience handling hundreds of jury trials to assist in resolving your dispute.  This valuable experience allows the attorneys at GMKE to identify the issues in dispute and work to bridge the gaps between the parties.

Schedule your Mediation with GMKE

If you would like to schedule your mediation with Paul Groth, Joseph Kaiser or Jay Eidex, please call 770-904-3590.